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Maria, a mindset coach specializing in anxiety support for millennials, shares her personal journey of overcoming debilitating anxiety and her unique approach to healing which includes tools from mindfulness practices, nervous system regulation, and movement therapy. The episode covers the importance of identifying signs of anxiety and seeking help from a professional like Maria. Maria […]

How to Identify & Overcome Signs of Anxiety w/ Maria


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Jen Murphy is a life coach, yoga enthusiast, and the host of the Embracing Your Energy Podcast. With years of experience in personal development and self-discovery, Jen has dedicated her life to helping others find their inner strength and embrace their authentic selves. Through her podcast, Jen shares powerful insights and advice on overcoming limiting beliefs, tapping into your intuition, and unlocking your full potential. With a warm and engaging style, Jen inspires listeners to take action towards their goals and live the life they truly desire. Whether you're seeking greater clarity, deeper fulfillment, or simply a more positive outlook on life, Jen is here to guide you on your journey towards transformation. Tune in to the Embracing Your Energy Podcast every Wednesday for inspiring conversations and practical tips to help you live your best life.


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